Record release in-store megasupermässy show!!

What a great day!!!

An “acoustic” performance at recordshop X. Thanks for being there and supporting us! We had really good time playing, and luckily for us we don’t have to wait for too long because tomorrow we will do the same “acoustic” show in recordshop X in Tampere and later in the evening we’ll play full show at YO-talo. So see you guys tomorrow!

 by writing “acoustic” I mean me playing acoustic guitar, Arttu playing synths, Riku playing synthbass and Oze banging his electronic drums. And of course Jaani on lead vocals.  This is the current Iconcrash acoustic setup! =)


Inkeroinen out now and more!!!

Hi You!

Now it’s available! go get your copy! =)









Yesterday also arrived something that you folks will find very interesting. You can get yours starting today from our in-store show in levykauppa x, helsinki =)


KISSOJEN YÖ 9.9.2011

We had nice start for the tour in Korkeasaari Zoo in Helsinki friday. We’d like to thank all of you there! It was really a fun show and a great event. It was a charity event for endangered animals.

See you guys today in Helsinki!! Can’t wait!!


Another day at the factory


we spent some very nice (Borat’s voice) moments today at nosturi. today was special becouse we just got new custom made Italian pizza oven. It was send to us by a famous craftsman Abbondanzio Ferrari. There was also some smoked salmon and nice refreshing salad on the table too.

Here are some sound samples from today: Nosturi Nonsense by Aikkars

We jammed pretty much all the songs we’re going to play on the upcoming  tour and Arttu made really nice loop for the cover song we’re planning to play! =) I’ll post some pictures from today where you can clearly see the oven and the cool stuff we’re doing right now.

“smoked salmon, salad and bubbling water…”

“Custom made pizza oven from Italy”

"Custom made pizza oven from Italy"

“cool new stickers”

“the jacket”

well…KICK OUT THE JAMS! and banzai! -Max Power